“Sense”ational Kids, OT – Las Vegas

“Sense”ational Kids Pediatric Therapy
Robyn Kaiser, OTR/L
452 E. Silverado Ranch Blvd., #455
Las Vegas, NV 89183

Phone: 702-236-5053
Fax: 702-341-0402
Email: msrobyn@senseationalkids.com
Website: Senseational Kids

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  1. Khalid Ibrahim says:

    I contacted Robyn kaiser at “sense”ational kids seven weeks ago to get our son Adam the much needed help he needs . The first two weeks I called no one answered so i left several messages yet no one returned our calls . I managed to get in touch with Robyn kaiser finally the third week , and she acknowledged that she had received my voicemails . I was taken back by the fact that she didn’t have the decency to return calls regarding a child who needed help , but being the desperate parents that we are we choose to swallow our pride for the sake of our child and move forward and just get the help our son needed . Robyn stated to me that she would prefer to be contacted through text messages and that she would be setting up her therapists to contact us with their schedule. In the weeks that followed Robyn kaiser ignored our sons status and we would have to text her several times over several days to get a response from her .Robyn gave every excuse you can think of and after seven weeks of excuses I asked her to please get the ball rolling and stop pushing our sons case aside,she replied that she understood if we wanted to go elsewhere . Robyn never intended to service our son in the first place and her inaction speaks loud and clear after seven weeks of waiting without even making an appointment for our son . Simply put , Robyn discriminated against our son .

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