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Thanks for ordering your SPD Awareness Wristband!

The wristbands are a conversation starter and a great way to spread awareness. An inexpensive way to say ‘thank-you’ to teachers, friends, family and the OT in your child’s life:) And, shipping costs are the same when you order 1 or 10:) 

SPD Awareness Wristband (8″)

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More info about the SPD Awareness Wristbands:

Price   $5 each

Color   Orange Pantone 165

Size   Adult (8″)

Message   “SPD Kids”

Shipping   $3.50 ($3.5 shipping no matter how many wristbands you order!)

Outside Continental U.S.—email me first and we can figure out shipping charges—there may be an additional shipping cost. Don’t go through the ordering system—email me: teresa at spdconnect dot com with the quantity you want and we’ll make it happen!

Quality  These wristbands are Made in the USA from medical grade silicone rubber and do not have any harmful additives.

I don’t have a PayPal account—can I still order?  Absolutely! PayPal doesn’t require you to have an account with them. You can still pay using debit or credit card—no extra fees or charges.

Why Orange?  Well, orange was the favorite color voted on by SPD Connect members for the initial order:) And, there is no “official” color for SPD (see next question below).

Is orange the official SPD color?   Turns out, there is no official SPD color. Blue has been used sometimes, but according the  SPD Foundation, reflex blue was used because that is the predominant color in the foundation’s logo—but for no other reason. Let’s start a movement!

Why is Made in the USA important?   When I first started searching for an SPD wristband, I was shocked to learn that most wristbands on the market today have nasty chemicals in them—chemicals like lead and cadmium that can leach into our skin. Chemicals that sensory families are diligently trying to detox from their kiddos.

And, I know that many of our sensory kiddos like to use these wristbands as fidgets—and may even put them in their mouths.

So, I searched for a wristband that was made from medical grade silicone—one that would be safe for our family’s and NOT have those nasty chemicals in them. Turns out, the only wristbands made from medical grade silicone are ones made in the USA.

When will I receive them?  I have a limited quantity available today! So, I can review orders + pack + mail them every Friday.

I thought it would be raised lettering on the wristband?  I tried to find a supplier that could do that for us. But, the medical grade silicone supplier only uses the embossed lettering— not the raised lettering. I thought it was more important to go with the medical grade silicone:)

More questions? Email me: teresa at spdconnect dot com

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